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The GSPN crew is comprised of Ti Windisch, Rohan Katti, Adam McGee, Jordan Treske, Andrew Snyder, and Numac. GSPN delivers its own signature brand of Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers, and Green Bay Packers coverage year round.

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Who are the people behind GSPN?

Having all met through writing at FanSided’s Behind the Buck Pass, GSPN’s Bucks podcasters Adam, Jordan, Rohan and Ti have been leading voices for Milwaukee Bucks coverage over the past few years.

All four formed the Gyro Step Podcast Network in May 2021 that serves as the combined home to both the Gyro Step Podcast and Win in 6 Podcast, and which is also proudly a part of the Blue Wire Podcast Network.

Crewsing for a Brewsing started in April 2022 as Adam’s introduction to baseball with Andrew Snyder but has become a go-to for smart and honest Brewers coverage.

Lifetime Packer fans Jordan and Numac started Talk of the Tundra to round out GSPN’s coverage and add their own hilarious and detailed take on all things Packers in August 2022.

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1/6th of GSPN, Pokémon VGC player (poorly) and general fan.
Co-Host of the Gyro Step Podcast as a part of the Gyro Step Podcast Network and the Blue Wire family
Host of Win in 6 and 1/4 of GSPN. No. 1 fan of NBA big guys everywhere.
Providing comprehensive Milwaukee Bucks coverage from the hosts of the Gyro Step and Win in 6 podcasts.
The baseball man.
One-sixth of GSPN and co-host of Win in 6, and Talk of the Tundra, all of which can be found on the Gyro Step Podcast Network! https://linktr.ee/gyrostep
I like the Packers.